Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

Love is an Ocean of Memories.~by Isholaayodele Wasiu



Love is an Ocean of Memories.

The stranger I met the other day,
We had a little chat, the formal way,
That memory was only a drop.
Soon it’ll dry: to exist, stop.

But you, the headache and the pills,
A friend, through holes and hills.
The talks, the fun, the quests we had.
And how we can make each ‘ther glad.

Oh! Memories with you, shared,
With roses and rainbows smeared,
Weren’t just drops, but a rain,
Forming an ocean in my mind’s brain.

Love is an ocean of memories,
That doesn’t dry but increases.
At gazes from the sun of time,
Drops dry, oceans stay in its prime.

But this ocean will always want more.
So don’t stay far from its shore.
If you leave, dear, it is trouble,
Waves of ire, ‘gainst mind, it’ll rumble.

What if you leave me in turbulence?
This ocean will boil with violence.
With sun of time’s long long glares,
It might vapourize, leaving tears.

Stay! Do not stop to care.
You leaving is all I fear.
Let’s make more memories.
Ours should be an endless series.

Composed by Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele.
(c) 2015.

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