Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2015

‘Mourning becomes morning’ ~by Nidhi Kunvrani



‘Mourning becomes morning’

‘Mourning becomes morning’ – ‘when day turns in to evening.
From that d day of lovers rising.
At night when all others r sleeping.
All fairies, stars, & moon also arriving.
Ah!!! dream becomes desiry driving.
Please! open all yer desires that u hiding.
It crashes all kinds of outer lining.
In d full-moon night two ‘souls’
Two body each other transmitting.
Now two of them emberrassing.
Bit hands and hearts r shivering.
Voice coming from two one’s breathing.
Force of nature murmuring something.
Eyes would like to somewhile sleeping.
Bless d both! bless d both may they r saying.
Moon & stars between two of them so much shining.
Lips & chicks are slowly smiling.
It’s togetherness after day’s long burning.
Two of them feels it
heavenly journying.
And, ohhhh! it’s morning becomes mourning!!!

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