Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2015

**World Through Depression Eyes**~by Jessabelle Autumn

I have suffered from depression for years.
So I wrote this hoping normal people will understand how we, “depressed people” see our world everyday.


**World Through Depression Eyes**

In my world
There is only a darkened sky
Only ravens are freely fly
Black canvas full with lies
Surrounded by a thick wall that is impossible to pry

Blooming roses full with thorns
Where purity is being torn
And now the seed of devil is born
With a red shining bright horn

Whispering the word of misery
To be condemned for eternity
There is no road leading to clarity
Believing this is the only sanctuary

The path of reality is twisted and narrow
Judgement becomes tangled and shallow
And so I choose to live in shadow
Stranded in this world of hollow


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