Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2015

“Can I Share Your Bed”~by Kevin Amon



“Can I Share Your Bed”

May I please share your bed?
Just to have a resting place for my head.
My pillow is just filled with tears,
An unloved soul for many years.
Is your life doing ok?
Or is it like mine with a rainy display.
I will stay on my side and you stay on yours,
Unless you want to open a passionate door.
I hope you do sleep well,
You are tired as you always tell.
I won’t cause you any pain,
I just hope my eyes during the night don’t turn to rain.
I will just lay here and watch the moon,
I will be gone tomorrow sometime before noon.
I won’t make any mess,
But i might confess.
If i lay kiss on your cheek,
That’s all i will speak.
For now i must try and fall asleep,
So i won’t here myself weep.
Excuse me miss,
Is there anyway i could smile with a passionate good night kiss?

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