Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2015

More than each other~by Nutan Sarawagi

This poem was inspired by Raj Babu Gandham


More than each other

Let’s walk together in the streets of love
on a road strewed with love
on honeyed streets , flowers lit in every color
nodding at each other , as the sun shines in their eyes
lighting up our eyes , as we see love in each other
In the petals of love , as they unfold in our love
In love’s song , singing to the songs of birds
as dew drops fall drenched in love , oozing in their love
as they fall on sun kissed streams , flowing in love
to fall in love with love
reflecting life in it’s love
on paths uncrossed , crossed only in love
to only meet in love
on terrains explored , now to be explored in our love
never crossing each other’s path
at every turn in life’s juncture to meet each other
on torn roads untrampled hearts
as we roam in streets together
unexplored finding love in each other
in our love for each other
adorable , loving you
I love no other
In you to rest
I rest in you
my love
my broken heart
finding solace in you
in a love
to be loved in love
more than love
more than it’s love
more than each other !

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