Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2015

“Floating on cloud nine”~by Kevin Amon



“Floating on cloud nine”

Today you have me floating on cloud nine,
We are currently together sharing a glass of wine.
But i can’t make you mine,
Eventhough you are so beautiful and fine.
Unfortunately this is my fantasy daydream,
A sexy display of emotions gleam.
Let me just enjoy this time,
Before i get called upon and someone starts to whine.
Please stay with me on the cloud,
It would make me so proud,
I will speak my words to you out loud,
It’s just you and i in this crowd.
Can i please give you a kiss?
Because i will miss.
Seeing your face,
Until we are back in this place.
At the very time i daydream again,
I hope you will join me then.
What time do you think and when?
I love this daydream eventhough its pretend!

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