Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2015

II FIRE OF PASSION II~by Satya Pattnaik




Sometime I catch the fire of passion without getting burn and melt
Touch it’s pulse with tender sense
Adding to it liquid pains
Silvery desires I air in the sky
Bloom the deathless springs in my mind

In little streets I do not move
Sullen faces and faded flowers
I do not gather
Dried up colours don’t cling to my brush
Full moon canvas I use for my shake
Grass like fresh thoughts
Always I have as my morning coffe break

With this passion I use to go for a long drive
Wax my lonely wounds
Dress up heart with dove’s warmth
Return to the silky youth
Fill my passion with sense divine

Tears and sorrows I offer to the morning dew
It awakes a feeling like a snow flake cool bright beautiful
Plunge me deep to the world of my soul

Thus my fire of passion I catch
Kill the depth of night and win the game
Buckles of trauma I loose
With the pulse of fire
Beauty of life I glow tieing lace of my shoes

©Satya Pattnaik

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