Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2015

The Wine Of Love~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio



The Wine Of Love

If your feeling is empty, sad and lonely

Let me paint your world, so colorful and lovely

To  fill-in, a honey of life in your emptiness.

And perfumed your heart with happiness


In sleepless and coldest nights,

Sweet smiles and laughter, our lights

Covers us with hugs and kisses, like blankets

Love is the melody, that our heart melts


The desire and invitation to sleep into glee,

Endless fountain of lust, a glow  unto thee.

And had begun, the wine of love to drink,

Explore the feelings into the world, with pen and ink.


Unexpressed feelings, satisfied soul

An inspirations, beyond our control

Feelings like lava, that restless roll

To pass the heights of life, is a supreme goal.



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