Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 5, 2015

MORNING HUG~by Saroj Padhi




Mud and slime in soft breast of Earth from night’s random showers
in a blissful hug with early March sunshine
whisper some secrets into ears of Spring wind,
overhearing which leaves stretch out their wings
as if to embrace an eternity under the Sky ;

Palash flowers on golden boughs in an abandon of reflex ,
sway in ecstasy as a flock of birds suddenly take off
from their clasp after a long suck, to their cheek muscles’ happy flex ;

Birds in an jubilant chorus pamper the half-ripe plums ;
bees are lost in their own hums ;

mango buds are madly in love with their own ooze ;
and the crow at the tree top caws after a happy snooze ;

At this hour of Nature’s intense love
the owl of my past gets lost into the radiance of an effulgent Sun ,
as the Jamun tree madly swings
lost in dance of a dream about berries to come along with lots of fun .
Here I can see you borne in the palanquin of my breaths
singing the glory of life in the midst of drama of all deaths .

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi 05/03/15

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