Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 5, 2015

Silent questions~by Raymond Chifundo Magangani



Silent questions

Is it the colour of the skin
That dermacates blacks and whites?
Or their planet boundaries?
Who is better than the other?
Who is more blessed?
Who has got more swagger?
Perhaps the other one was meant to be a slave
To dwell in kings palaces
And serve
Please let me know!
For am fed up
With their war

Can they not once be at peace
Forget where they come from
And what they owns
Forget their names
Forget their fame
And who is more superior in complexion
Let them just pretend that they all owns the colour of the rainbow

Who can demonstrate?
Is the line that separate these two
Thin or fat?
Perhaps is the reason
Why they all act like that
I heard united chinese constructed the great walls
What if they forge togetherness
Out of their differences
Can’t they not combat hiv and Aids?
Which has emerged teeth
To gnash our flesh
All these injustice
Perhaps the world
Could once be at peace
And we could have no hungry mouth to feed
As we have plenty
In our field
But before I proceed
Who said this colour represent evil?
And this is where comes forth the good seed
If you know
Please let me also know
For these are silent question
And I need loud answers
To solve the unsolved puzzle

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