Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 5, 2015

The touch of the untouchable~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



The touch of the untouchable

She is the gift of all gifts
She the stray star…
Who keeps wondering high
To fill the rift
Between the fake world…
Where we live
And the holey sky…
Where she is blessed
Yes … only she can fill the rifts
By lighting your darkened nights…
By taking away all your fears
By holding your confused heart and soul … hugging them so tight
Turning all your wrongs …
To rights…
She always helps from a distance…
She touches you from a distance
Blessed her …
And her holy touch…
The touch of the untouchable.
But why untouchable ?

Only my heart ..
That hers trusted
To reveal her royal secret…
She had to frame her heart
To be untouchable …
She longs to be loved
Her heart longs to touched
But she is so fragile
Like a real Princess
She’s been hurt before
She tried to forget …
And she did…
But just for a while..
Then she was hurt…
Once more…
She took the stab..
And with the pride of a princess
She stood so tall
Her beautiful heart and soul
With such transparent smooth frame…
That will get smoother…
And sharper …
If anyone ever think to get closer
To the untouchable Princess
To the lady of my life
Mandour Saleh Hikel

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