Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2015

A SILENCED SOUL~by Angela Black




I fell in a sudden silence,
But silence kills…
And staying happy within this quietude
Is not one of my skills…
No lost dream remains lost forever
You and I, by Destiny,
We’ll get united once more,
Maybe, or maybe never…
Because silence overcame us all.
Along the road of love I stumble,
And I rise again after each fall…
I remain silent, yet storms rumble.

Hush! No more questions,
I can’t tell you what’s wrong.
Although this weakens you,
I want you to remain strong.
You look in my frozen eyes,
Trying to know to whom my heart belongs.
Yet I remain silent…
Like a dead leaf on a wet ground,
Shaking with pain, but
Refusing to make a sound.
You and I… but Destiny
Crossed our way…
Many years passed;
I can’t recall a single day!


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