Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 8, 2015

Untold Tale~by Raymond Chifundo Magangani



Untold Tale

One day I will grow old
My lips will burn with stories
To be told
My head will be decorated with grey hair
As a crown of long life
My vision will become impair
For I have visualised more than enough
I won’t be able to speak as I usually do
And some mischievous will mistaken me as a fool

In the night I will gather my grandchildren’s around
Engulfed with darkness
As the fire makes its sparkling sound
I will boast about the glory of my youth
How I used to chase pretty girls inside and out
that’s how I won the heart of Ruth
Though such type were rare
But if you could search with your soul
They were there
But that was long time ago
Before love regained its sight
That it could ask for more

Then I will let those who have got ears
To listen attentively to recipe of long life
Like that of mine I brag
The ingredients are simple
sealing your zip
Avoid unnecessary showcasing of your hips
And never taste the depth of water
With both fits
Otherwise your digging yourself a pitt
To lay six feet deep

That’s a tale
Am waiting to tell

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