Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2015

BEGUILED~by Saroj Padhi




I’m in love with such beautiful Evenings on run
That pass thro’ uncertain nights of casual love with moon,
Sometimes ending up with vermilion of Sun
On their foreheads, acquiring new recognition all so soon;

Here images of trees in the pool are more real
Than promises made by creatures of flesh and blood
For they keep on constantly trying to sip in the depth of pool
When Evenings change their nature of human blood;

Images merge into the sky despite the layer of moss
On surface of pool’s water cooling anarchy of passion in wind
When Evenings are restless like insecure stars at loss
Of wit, in face of temptations made by false suns at the hind ;

O God why do you put man in such situations of beguiling mid air
Forcing him to sway like a hopeless plantain leaf under Sun’s ire !

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi/ 10.03.15

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