Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2015

LAPSES OF YOUTH~by Saroj Padhi




Ask that Chikinia park if you want to know
About the lapses of my youth,
Where on the chests of rocks lie engraved
Beautiful words of my pious sin
Sparkling like shiny souls of angels in love with God
In the scribbles of passion on the body of green sod;

Where Spring had run riot into head of a rose
Driving it crazy for a cooling fire
In search of which it multiplied into myriad dancing images
In the nearby lake’s waters pierced by a noon Sun in ire–
The rose was pure love and ripples of lake, its singing lyre ;
And memories were lost children in the dark of a dead forest
Burning dry leaves of lost love
In strokes of stray Summer fires,
At the touch of my Love’s ambling feet
When into smokes of the moon rose the blazing spires.

Ask the dust kissed by her feet at the park
If you care to know about the lapses of my youth–
Its fragrance will tell you about the weaving of wishes
Around the ariel roots hanging from its age old banyan
That turned us into a Naga couple in ecstatic dance of love
To the tune of wind played by an unseen charmer from above.

@copy right : saroj k. padhi/ 09/03/15

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