Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2015

THE SERPENT~by Indira Sadanandan




When the rainy season ceased
To bring a bright spring with
Every where blossoms
The serpent
Slowly put it’s head outside the burrow
And began to creep woodwards
He met,on the way opposite,another snake
Both greeted each other.
“I am hungry
Shall we go to the little pond on the
Other side of the garden? yesterday
I heard the music concert of the frogs there”.
They joined and crept towards their destiny.
When they were nearing the pond
A spade fell on the head of one serpent
And it died on the spot.
The other snake, to rescue his own life
Pierced it’s deadly fangs
On the heels of the man holding the spade,
A heavenly voice echoed,
“He will break your head and
You will break his heel”

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