Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2015

——–“”where’s my Tuxedo?””—–~by Ahmer Sohail



——–“”where’s my Tuxedo?””—–

oh—-just coming—wait a sec.—-will you—-?
let me attire myself—-to be with you—–

aah—where’s my tuxedo—? believe me—it was here—-
reminds me—- the first day—-that drifted you near—–

laden were your eyes—-with the wish to get into me—-
full was the moon—and—roaring was the sea—-

nudging were stars—- to the shadows on sands—-
clinching—and—-clasping—and hands in hands—–

wobbling and wavering—were both in the waves—-
upping—and downing the beats—as in the raves—–

heightened the ecstasy—savoring the salty ocean—-
brightened the fantasy—sipping the elixir’s potion—–

condensed into droplets—was the fog— in the air—-
carried away —by the surf—to have its share—-

breaths—burnt the sails—-breaths sank the boat—-
waters—dried the sands—but–soaked the coat—–

aah–my tuxedo—where’s that—-?—it was here—
wanna put it on—seems stolen—deep is the fear——-

remember–do you–?–once again—wore it the day—–
remember–do you–?-sinking was the sun on the bay—-

as the rose u gave me once—the red was the sky—-
and—it was then—when you—bid me a–goodbye—–

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