Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2015

“Black against them”~by Eddie Pop



“Black against them”

Am I to be hated just because I born black?
Is it a crime to be made with a lack of luck?
To them I’m an exaggeration of nature,
To say just an abomination from nurture;
They always look at me like a mere flaw of life,
Doing their best to prove I do not deserve life;
Through generations of hell I strived hard to live,
Even through humiliations I tried to believe;
My name has changed just because I have a dark skin,
In their minds, I’m not a sinner, I’m just a sin;
Why can’t they see this heart they broke into pieces?
What should I do to prove I’m not a subspecies?
We might bleed differently, but it’s the same red blood,
Alas, they care not, they want to see mine in flood;
Their words pierce my heart like a sword in the butter,
I tried to feel them better but they’re just bitter;
They taught kids how to judge people by their colour,
Always forgetting that the soul has no colour;
They smile to me only when they need my shoulder,
They don’t like me; they just want to see me moulder;
How to speak my mind with no earthly voice?
How to feel satisfied if my needs are just noise?

I shouted my true name as louder as I could,
But when they pronounce it, it just does not sound good;
In their games, I am just a loser in advance,
In their votes, I am just an oppressed with no stance;
My rights are just like the covered moon of dark nights,
My claims are like pictures of the nature’s dead sights;
Sometimes I feel like a prisoner of their lives,
I feel just like a prey in some venomous hives;
My every day dying pains have poisoned my soul,
Now my brain just sounds like an empty open bowl;
Do they know at least that we all come from Adam?
Do they believe that I am a son of Adam?
Seeing these verses they think I hate them all,
But if I hate them, we will be same after all;
I’m not a hater; I’m just speaking the feeling,
I’m sorry but it was stronger than my being.

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