Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2015

I am a woman~by Nutan Sarawagi



I am a woman

sometimes I wonder
if I really rest in me
do I really exist ?
or am I a ghost the world can’t see ?
I tremble in myself
people bypass me
waiting in the gallows
always being punished
for what you have done to me
scarred me for life
I am hollow
as hollow as can be
as I eat away my inside
my inside eating within me
why am I caught in my own guilt pangs ?
my own guilt always punishing me
as if I am punished in life’s corner
it’s always punishing me
my life is my own sadness
in its life reflecting me
protecting me against myself
in my protection protecting AGAINST me

I am your hurt
but no one can
see my hurt
hurting within me
it is always my fault
for the world
does me no wrong
if I err it’s not their fault
I am the erring wrong
come and get me
take me to the gallows
I am your guilt punish me
to be thrashed
until death
as even death punishes me
even in my death I am punished
an example for everyone to see
for I am a women I am always guilty
in life’s eyes erring
why is everyone
always punishing me ?
take me to life’s gallows
punishing me
I am life’s shadow as
I lie in your shadow
life’s shadow
Why is then life
always punishing me ?

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