Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2015

I wish Socrates were alive~by Abdul Wahab



I wish Socrates were alive

I wish Socrates were alive
Along with me he would challenge the supremacy of all racists
How mere color of skin enhances or dilutes
The honor and dignity of ghosts
The merits and quality of evils and a Satan
And I would question the validity of war over reasons
With his help I would decide
Each piece of land of this world belong to whom, why and how
And show the world putting our fingers in their eyes
What is self defense and what is aggression
I miss him and I lose courage
To tell the world what is denying and what is lies
No one I find now like him gutsy
To tell a hypocrite a hypocrite
None is ready along with him and me
To drink the bowl of hemlock and die
To separate milk from water
And differentiate cheese from milk
Same as he used to do with truth and falsity.

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