Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 11, 2015

AGAIN I WILL BE YOUR SON~by Rajendra Padhi

*(On the Eve of First Death Anniversary of my Mother)*



It is a brief parting between you and me
What matters if tears roll on my face?
I will inscribe my verse on your tomb, mother
Leaning upon many frosty nights of winter
Renewing myself to thrill in your memory
How life passes away like smoke before eyes.

I am your boat crying in the storm
My sailor is gone; the mast of love is broken
We are illuminated on earth like a candle
Our light of life is extinguished in a puff of wind.

You are vanished like ripples at shore quickly
Faded like fragrance from the orchard,
Passed away quickly like sound of rain
Drenched me in a river of tears to flow.

I am striding for your love with a difference
I find people going up and down sharing love,
You were perpetually a green tree
Softened my heart lying under your shade.

Your simple hands were free like the sky
Circled around me with many suns and stars,
You have vanished like snow under sun
Farther moved away as vapor to the sky
Lifted off from earth for somewhere to born
I search for you like a blind for light.

You are enclosed like a letter in the envelop
Never to be opened up for words of love,
I can’t come crawling on the floors
Nor jumping on it to reach to you
Nor can gasp for breath at you so foolishly
When we both grew in age to part.

You are dead to be born again on earth
Grow into a bride to conceive me in fresh love
Wait my Mother again I will be your son!

Composed and copyright by Rajendra k. Padhi


  1. very nice, especially the last two lines, well done. I feel this as I too lost my mother, as most of us will. much love and peace to you.

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