Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 11, 2015

In Whatever She May Choose~by rldubour



In Whatever She May Choose

Sometimes I just don’t understand, I write her everyday.
Yet, she still does not answer me, maybe it’s just her way.
I wish that I could read her mind and see into her thoughts.
Then I would know exactly why she makes me care a lot.
I wish I knew the answer; it’s hard to make her speak.
But, I just wait with patience for it’s her response I seek.
I feel I have to know all her thoughts that are in her mind.
She still chooses to be quiet and keep me in the blind.
Why can’t she just open up and tell me how she feels.
This is the only thing I ask for her feelings to reveal.
Just tell me in all honesty just what is it that she thinks.
Then I will know just what to do with the missing links.
If this writing does not work, I won’t know what else to do.
For someone that I found so dear I would not want to lose.
So now it’s up to her in whatever she may do.
I just want her to be happy in whatever she may choose.

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