Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 12, 2015

“Alone”~by Eddie Pop




A shadow I am, a fellow I am not,
I walk alone in the dark with a lack of lot;
Day to day, time to time, chance to chance,
And I am just getting more and more alone;
Happiness, Love refuse to give me a dance,
I am even left aside by my own back bone;
I have no one to sympathize with me in my dooms,
I am alone against the darkness of my dreams;
I feel like a stinky freak scaring everybody,
I sleep alone, wake up alone desperately unhappy;
They isolate me outside, all telling me no;
When I ask for happiness even as a mask,
They see my request as a very difficult task,
Against everyone and with nothing I can only go,
I just want to be invisible, out of sight forever;
I just want to restart my life, and be a baby for ever,
I cry sometimes but they are too busy to hear me;
I even have no soul to speak friendly with me,
I am going crazy at force of being all alone,
All the time wondering if I deserve to be alone;
I crave for love, lacking affections and consideration,
Those love and affection that will make me survive;
That seemed to be something far from my old eve,
Even if it those seem to be an easy operation;
I just want them to like and understand me,
To promise that they will always take care of me,
To dry my painful tears, to hold me and be savers for me;
I just need somebody to make me smile again,
To give me the strength to hold out this cruel life,
To make me believe once again in this life,
To give me a new breath to go forward,
And to help me leave the past backward;
I’m born alone and I am alone for nothing gain,
With just hopes not to be alone again.

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