Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 12, 2015

Flood!!! ~by Bipul Banerjee


( dedicated to the ‘pakhi’ of friendship that perched on my heart today)



Words flowing from within the heart

To compose a poetic thought,

Letting the muse control the pen.

The soul flooded with images it wrought,

From within the heart come the words

Helping to heal a wounded soul.

Driving deep into the core

To let the one in pain know

No one needs to walk alone

With burdens too heavy to bear.

The poet with reassuring verse

Sends healing words of care

Reaching out to the one in pain

Helping the heart to mend,

Reassuring them not to despair.

For within the verse they find a friend

What is it that affirms a Poet’s Soul?

The listener connects with what they heard

As if the poet wrote the verse for them

And the healing begins within the word


  1. Good job man….ORT-ORT-ORT-ORT !!!!!! (MY SEAL–“ORT-ORT”–of Approval) 😀

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