Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 12, 2015

RAMBLING STAR~by Saroj Padhi




Between two dark-crimson moons –
One in the middle of night, another in early morn,
I’m a tipsy star caught rambling on heaven’s floor,
In love with wet clouds that drive me here and there
Falling into the abyss and rising again,
With the Sun of hope
Lurking at my thin, transparent, fragile door;

Not sure if the blue petals of sky will close me in
To a tight hug of their exuding aroma to publish my light
Into million prints in hearts of the Earth looking up me to sight,
I’m a tipsy star caught in clouds in a lonely fight
When my fellow stars watch and enjoy infringement
Of all my divine birth right
To love, to blush, to dream, to fantasize
To moan, to mourn and murmur about lost dreams
And again dream anew,
To be caressed by parrots aching to speak
In language of my heart;

I’m a tipsy star in love with self
Falling and then rising to make my new start !

Copy right : saroj k. padhi 12/03/15

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