Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 13, 2015

VORTEX~by Saroj Padhi




The petals of your soul open
Like plumes of a colourful bird
Where I sit like a drop from a stray drizzle
In wait for salvation to a bard—

Caught in the vortex of conflicting tides
Of inescapable emotion ;
Raised by infinite stretch of a virile imagination,
On the wings of a wind blowing
From your love’s sweet reflection ;

I know I will dry up soon
Like desires getting fulfilled slowly in heart
Of a morning forest under a penetrating Sun–
To beam with handfuls of rays dancing
On each leaf waiting for the celestial fun

To merge, to mingle and mesmerize the self
Before vanishing into the glory of ether
Without the burden of worries or agonies
And burning without the slightest dither ;

But before that let me be the author
Of the lines of my own redeeming prayer,
In a language common to all mortals
In its depth, beauty and eternal glare .

@copy right: saroj k. padhi/ 13/03/15

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