Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 14, 2015

Not Now Tarzan~by rldubour



Not Now Tarzan

Living in the jungle and swinging through the trees.
With just a leaf around me I can always feel a breeze.
The animals right by my side I never want to leave.
I am the king of the jungle, Tarzan they all call me.
My wife is Jane and she thinks I’m an ordinary man.
And every time I get the urge she says not now Tarzan!
The jungle is my playground the animals all talk.
I am always in a hurry and very seldom walk.
When crisis happen I am always there to help my many friends.
And then return to where I live when the day does end.
To be by Jane the girl I love and make her happy as I can.
But I always hear these words, not right now Tarzan!
The elephants are all my friends the lions and tigers too.
And any time I need them they all know what to do.
I took my Jane for a walk along the beaches sand.
I grabbed her and I kissed her she said not now Tarzan.
So now instead of hunting I search the jungle land.
Searching for another Jane who will say give me all you can!

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