Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 15, 2015

In the belly of love~by Selina Khanm



In the belly of love

What you see around
Water and water
in color blue,
what you hear
only the sound of waves,
what you think
we are in,
how we came in the belly of love,
once you were playing as a cloud
and I went to become a mountain
and laid flat on my back
gazing at you on the bank
of my little brook
with open jaw ,
you saw me
and expressed wonder ,
your wonderment gave me fear
and I was scared ,
seeing upon my frightful sight
you took pity on me
and went into tears ,
the warm drops came as a rain ,
in delight I collected them in my heart ,
after mingling into each other
we ran as a stream
and ended up falling together
into the belly of this ocean of love .
From here where will we go?
Will we rise again
along with the line of horizon
or lash the chest of shores?
I think
there are no such things any more.

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