Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 15, 2015

Ode To Nature~by Hela Tekali



Ode To Nature

Oh giver of life, you the glorious fountain of life
You instinctively strive to put to an end every human strife
I kneel there on your silky grass to kiss your ground on my bended knees
Marvel how your raise up a whole proliferation of flowers and trees
You, the spectacular Moon
Ever watchful at night
Always there to ease my pain and dreadful plight
My pure, ardent emotions you sublimely bring them to light
Causing much tranquility at times and some delight
I love you mother earth with all your creatures
There is joy in my life in knowing that you are our shepherdess, our Holy preacher
I swear to treat you with reverence and care
And hope the world will become aware and God’s wrath they will fear
When we destroy you , our life we destroy,too
Keeping you safe will grow life anew
We are blessed with Earth, Sea, Wind and Fire
Bringing to life our divine, longing desire
Oh giver of life! Help us to saveguard our life on earth
Spreading love to the world
A feeling i have kept cherishing since my birth
So embrace the glorious Sun and the Spectacular Moon
As sweet Nature your song is
I will treasure forever as my precious Boon

Written by Jenayah Hela
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