Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 17, 2015

INDUSTRY OF KNOWLEDGE?~by Dr Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”




Very clever world of knowledge
Getting benefits of ignorace
Selling shrewdly knowingness,
With a knowing smile knowledge,
All the information in mind,
General awareness or
Possession of information
The real facts of that knowledge,
The useful ideas, fruitful for world,
The truths of this universe,
All the principles she knows,
With the help of her technology,
Selling the universal wealth, as individual
Her borrowed knowledge, is his money?
And interests are extensive?
For ordinary person very expensive!
Cunningly,running industry of knowledge,
Using the ignorant human force, at her will,
Workforce, working in an industry,
That produces information
Rather than goods, useable things,
Such as management consultancy,
And computer programming
The richest knowledge brokers,
Billion, trillion hoarders masters
Of money making machines,
Running lucrative business,
That specialize primarily
In data processing and
The development and uses,
Of information technology,
Enjoying the all wealth, status
Of VVVIP’S of this universe?
Enjoy fishing , with sea birds?
And cheating the whole world?

Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”… 17-03-20157

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