Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2015

FEAR OF LOSING~by suzette portes san jose




i had lost…
for times had pained
with heart that stained
on sorrows engrossed
in miles i crossed

i did fall…
for times been found
pinned on the ground
crushed like a dry leaf
a soul in so much grief

i wanted to live…
rise again from the grave
wish to stand and be brave
exist in life without fear
and no miseries to bear

i will keep on…
a journey through in thorn
in heart let love reborn
like a dew in early morn
a new day in light adorn

i have you now…
the love i dream once
have you in every glance
take my every chance
though in a real defiance

i am in fear…
to have found and be lost
gone like a windy ghost
you have me from a frost
in arms so warmly defrost

i want you here…
so close… and so near
sweep away my fear
in my life… so dear
through my will…be it clear

i won’t lose you…
and not ever
but have you forever
till time whenever
in breath of never

insights: once we tasted bitterness, we fear… and mostly the greatest fear …is for the one we have treasured so much in life…FEAR OF LOSING

copywrite@ SPSJ 3/18/2015 5:27am

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