Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2015

True Literature~by Rochish Mon



True Literature

The dawn-
After having combating with the darkness
Achieving comprehensive success
It appears with smiles
New light arrives-

The sun-
He came as the ambassador of the dawn
He got on to his job with rising shine-

It flows and flows to search and see
And to find more, merges with the sea-

The sea-
It is visible music of the universe
Let us listen to its mystical tunes-

The sky-
Like divinity, it is above all
Stays unparalleled and does not fall-

The moon-
She comes and goes very coolly
Teaching us to live pleasantly-

The stars-
Like thoughts of the greatest men
They glow and glitter, ever and anon-

Long ago it came in to existence
Gives us a lesson with its subsistence-

Oh, it is exceedingly hale
It lives like an engrossing tale-

The rain-
Falls aggressively
Permeates wishfully
It is not at all theoretical
It is but poetical-

The flower-
It blossoms like a good deed
It has no simile indeed
It provides fragrance to the mankind
Sure, it has a kind mind-

Is it a thing that is without solace?
And became a thing that will pierce-

The grass-
Like a rumor, it has a big spread
It is seen always at grass-

It is a neglected tone
Is there on its own
Why should we not give little attention?
Why should we not listen to its intention?

The air-
Keeping all creatures alive
It surrounds with endless drive
How does it not tire?
Probably, it may be having
A sublime flair

The mist-
It comes like an unknown guest
What do we think of it?-

The night-
Looks like an epitome of wrongness
And developed intimacy with
A demon called darkness-

The nature-
The artistry, who is the artist?
Will we able to find that person best?

The nature-
Being narrated from times immemorial
Getting expressed to be inspirational

The nature-
The concept, to be observed
The spirit, to be absorbed

The nature-
True literature
Leads us to the future…

By Rochishmon

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