Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2015

“ within “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ within “

do you see the world
as i see, and as i feel

do i know this world
as you know, and as you see

how we are sure, the rose
appears as rose, to every one around ?

and the beauty of nature
enchants every one alike ?

everyone, around us
so unique, in their own ways

every one of us
feel always, we are right

though we know, deep inside
the truth behind every act

act of us with smiles as sheaths
inside us, with intent of hate

so we live, a life of pretense
a life under lies

blaming, the other
for the irony, we feel

never looking, inside us
never knowing, truth about us

in this diverse life
in our wonderous journey

the times we spent
and times we live

pass and die, in a whisker
in this oceans of cosmos

we are a speck of dust
with loads of ego

floating oblivion
in this universe, unknown

to our own within

~ yathi.rajbabu gandham

Copyright © author.rajbabug.21february2015.1158.#123

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