Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2015

Cancer~by rldubour




When someone mentions cancer you would like to think of this.

The 4th sign of the zodiac in astrology and all its’ likeliness.

Or some of you might even think, the tropic of Cancer.

The northernmost latitude reached by the sun, is the answer?

But, most likely when you hear this word it’s usually meant to be.

Something evil or malignant that spreads destructively.

With modern medicine so advanced if caught early one might stand a chance.

With special treatment and proper care ones prognosis will enhance.

Might be an operation or hormone treatments or maybe some chemotherapy.

Whatever course you choose to take this is the reality.


When it strikes a family member that word becomes much worse.

You get this helpless feeling and pray recovery is the course.

There are many types of cancer as well as where it can be found.

One has to think in this day and age why this evil is more abound?

I pray that there will be a day when the earth is cancer free.

As they research this evil cell, we will have to wait and see.

That would be nice for all of us if no one had to face.

The health and happiness we once had as cancer does replace.


Until they do I will pray for you to feel good once again.

Not only are you my brother, you’re one of my best friends!

Whatever you decide for treatment we are right here be your side.

Supporting you with family love with each day that goes by.

Face each day with courage and never lose your faith.

Your guardian angel is beside you with every step you take.

These thoughts I write are for you, almost like a song.

That all of us will pray and send our love to always keep you strong.


  1. Good poem Ron, Could this  poem possibly be with me in mind?  If so, thank you for the thought!  Brother Dan

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