Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2015

Forbidden Love~by Nicholas Thompson



Forbidden Love

You don’t make me feel loved,
but I swear it is there.
But sometimes I wonder,
because you don’t seem to care;
about me;
about us;
about any of this.

You don’t whisper sweet nothings,
where my ears are able to hear.
But I am sure you will come around,
though sometimes I fear…
about myself;
about us;
about all of this.

You don’t buy me gifts,
never showering me in affection.
My love, though obvious,
seems under your detection.
Sometimes I wish I would concuss,
with no recollection;
of myself;
of us;
of any of this.

Infinitely, your touch is welcome,
all year round.
Your eyes alone, Heart of Eternity still,
can take me off the ground.
Sadly, you won’t admit your love;
it isn’t believed to be from above;
not me;
not us;
not any of this
at all!

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