Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 21, 2015

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 21st of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 21st of March.

What is beauty,
Do you know it,
Have you seen its like before?
It is my guess
It has presented itself
To you
On more than one occasion
Did you notice
As it rolled across
Your open eyes?
Or were they glued,
Tight shut.
Blind to opportunity,
Turned away
For fear,
You would be scarred
By the experience.
Too afraid
You would be left wanting,
Cast adrift,

Splashing around in shallows.
And you never learned to swim,
Kept clear of deep water,
Sought shelter
Out of the mainstream,
And yet, still you cling to life
For all it’s worth.
What for?
When so much of it
Slips by unchallenged,
And happiness
Is a dance
Lost in shadows.
Might it be,
That you still
Hold a candle
For the light of love
To fall upon you?
But will it chance by,
In the course of a life
Turned, as it is
Away from the glance
Of unexpected

Tears are rainbows
In the eyes
Of love
Still cast in doubt,
And need to be chased.
Their treasure,
To be found,
Still needs to be sought.
First things first
With eyes, opened wide,
And free
From introspection,
Love might yet be seen.
It is all around,
As it may be,
In the afterglow
Of doubt.
But given its chance
It can flourish
Between the cracks
Of your experience.
Should you falter,
It does not alter
The facts at all.
There is even beauty
In a fall.
It brings the chance
Of happy landings.
And even fingers burned
Can mean lessons learned.

Look to me,
As I am in you,
As you are in me.
And we are,
In all the ways
That matter,
All of us,
Bathed in beauty,
Can’t you see.

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