Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 21, 2015





Your ideal thoughts are amazing, wonderful
Gently enters into tomorrow’s dreams,
Quietly the stars of our life glows in light
The earth is reborn once more to rise
Breathing out plight of life bleak and blight,
Relish human soul in songs of peace,
You are the rainbow of colorful dreams
No mind can express the thinking in you
No heart can express the feelings in you.

You are unrivaled, matchless in thoughts
A painter painting life in tears and smile,
In the golden hues of fancy in bird’s flight
Never to fade even after many twilight,
You are the angelic voice in storms and flood
Hold our hands to paths safe and secure.

You are our eyes like the sun
Flickering light of infinite wisdom
Guiding to a world real and true,
You are the pillars to hold the nations
To make it strong in joining hearts,
Like a pole star you guide the world
To reach horizon’s forlorn –lands,
You are the moon brightening nights
Bless million in unending dreams.

O mellow spirit! The dreamer of dreams
With melodies full of truth and beauty
Poets are the living Gods on earth
Glad to carry life in burrows of sorrow
They never end
Like the river ever flowing
Like the wind ever blowing
A prophet dreaming in the desert
A fragrant spring in sweeter musings.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi


  1. Neat poem! Thanks.

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