Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 22, 2015

SPRING TOUCH !~by Saroj Padhi




How much didn’t I wait for your Spring touch
In the Winter of my frostbitten mind
Clamouring for a sheer look at the Sun setting–
Your waist long flowing locks behind ?

But you hardly bothered to look back at the smokes rising
From a transpiring heart caught in a disaster of burning
In a Spring morning
When Winter rules here in the garden of cold hearts
Still slumbering as if in a daze after the cyclone’s brats
Left them dying speedily like trees hit by lightning !

You are so systematic and sincere Love
In your insistent infliction of woes so enchanting !
Your tortures so long lasting !
I have no other option but to awe and wonder
At the beauty of your killing
That leaves me for ever pining for more and more of your cruelty
So lovingly familiar and so satisfying !

@Copy right : saroj k. padhi/ 22. 03.15

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