Posted by: Stephen A. Roddewig | March 22, 2015

The Lizard~by Stephen Roddewig

Awakening with the dawn heat,
The lizard scampered from the palm tree,
Using her tiny, clinging feet,
She reached the ground with ease.

Amidst the trimmed, fertilized grass,
A worm foraged, unsuspecting,
The lizard leaped, her fangs grasped,
The worm was schlorped, whilst it lamented.

“Why must it come to this?
That I am no more than a dish?”

The lizard paused, halfway through its meal,
None had ever asked this question,
Though nothing for its prey, it did feel,
It offered a simple solution.

“The humans have driven away the insects,
With their strange, foul-tasting powders,
Most of them are now carcasses, dead,
None come here, they feast on the humans’ flowers.”

“Why not then go there?
And what’s left of me spare?”
“A fine idea,” the lizard said,
As she sucked the rest down her gullet.

The trek was a far one,
Past streams, trees, sidewalks, and streets,
But as the ground baked in the afternoon sun,
She reached the fence around the garden, her greatest feat.

Pausing in the lawn to soak in some warmth,
For lizard’s blood can make no heat,
Her movements awoke a sleeping serpent,
Who hissed with hungry glee.

Fangs exploded from the grass stalks,
The lizard barely managed to dodge,
Fighting back, she sunk her teeth into its tail,
But it coiled about her, leaving only room to flail.

The lizard spoke, “Why must it come to this?
Me a lizard, you a snake, we are brothers,
Can you think of no other way, fellow reptile?
I can see another.”

“Ha!” The snake spat,
“You speak as if that means something,
The humans killed the mice and rats,
Though I was just as good at hunting,
We both through the pests should go,
But it is me they now call ‘foe.’”

While the snake balked,
It failed to spy,
Swooping from the sky,
A red-tailed hawk.

In a flash, the death-grip loosened,
The lizard breathing in a mouthful of air,
High above, talons tightened,
As piercing yellow eyes met the snake’s stare.

Far below, the lizard heard,
The serpent’s final words,
Bitterly, it did lament,
As it was carried to a certain end.

“You think you’ve won,
Earned yourself a kill,
But humans steal all they can,
And from you they certainly will.”

“The humans protect us,” the hawk replied,
“With them, our enemies are few,
Yes, it seems they favor us,
Over the likes of you.”

Thinking no more of it,
The lizard scaled the fence with ease,
The sight before her, she did covet,
Insects, as far as the eye could see.

For many a day, the lizard stayed,
Feasting on the garden’s cornucopia,
Many a creature, she found, had made,
The place their new utopia.

And so another animal was drawn,
Into the corrupted land,
Another servant of nature,
Bent to the whims of Man.


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    Now announcing that I am contributing to Our Poetry Corner! Give them a look if you are so inclined, they take contributions from anyone willing to join (including you!). I also have a soft spot since they represent the vision I had for my site and how far it can go.

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