Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 22, 2015

“ we too vanish “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ we too vanish “

Don’t we know
We too perish
From our life of this
All this physique of us
Bound to dismantle
As elements five
That we are made of
Earth fire water air and space
We submerge into, truth of us
Carrying all this, loads of ego
Bundles of anger
With jealousies in built
Why do we fight
Why do we cheat
Why do we rape
Fellow humans, fellow beings
We don’t practice, what we say
Are we speaking from lips or through heart
We need to check
We need to see
We need to seek
Our own truth
Our own heart
Our own soul

We are a bubble in this cosmos
We too vanish
We too perish
Like a speck of dust
Into these gales of skies
Into this beauty of cosmos
We too submerge
into nothingness
from where we emerged

~ yathi.rajbabu gandham
Copyright © author rajbabug 22march2015 1942 0803

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