Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2015

An Evening Lore~by Asif Ahmed



An Evening Lore

My loneliness may end up in this gorgeous tree,
In the sole branch where once a Hyderabadi cuckoo laid eggs.
I know these ants on the leaves may bully at my defeating sighs,
And keep my corps untouched by men.
Near the rock hill a nightingale will nest soon to undertake my voice,
And sing those unrhymed lines of night.
Dews of the nightwind may muse for a last whistle in my ears,
And keep my eyes looking down the valley of many dreams.
A flock of sparrows chirp under my hairy head and fondle my cheeks,
A couple love in my heart beat hole and tickle my never been goosebumps.
A crow keep calling his mates for the party of the evening, and keep bundle of flowers gathered in the nuts of the logs.
A cuckoo may drop its darkling feather, and a dog may bark in the downhill, and I start my majestic journey towards the blind spots of the sky.
Asif Ahmed

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