Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2015

“Moon girl”~by Eddie Pop



“Moon girl”

Despite she says she is from Ain Beida
I still believe that she comes from the moon
An angel with the face of summer’s noon
All such beauty can’t be an earth’s data
She says she is just the girl who loves me
That normal girl who sincerely wants me
Despite she claims that she is not perfect
I always believe she is a mermaid
The one I want from all, the cutest maid
She just deserves the perfection’s respect
She just doesn’t know how much she is moon like
If only she could see how she is like
Despite what she says, she is my moon girl
To my dazzled eyes, she is the brightest pearl
Her blushing cheeks just make me feel so wow
She’s the girl I’ve been looking for years now
She is the same girl I saw in my dreams
That cute princess I’ve loved in my daydreams
Despite our differences we just love fine
No matter how, I’ll fight to keep her mine

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