Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2015

“ unknown “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ unknown “

My silent tears
Speaking a lot
My unknown pain
Churning my depths
My staring eyes
Loosing life
My vacant heart
Yelling for love
My thirsty lips
Waiting for kiss
My shivering skin
Yearning for touch
In barren lands
I searched for you
With broken heart
I longed for you
You went your way
Leaving me stranded
In the land of vultures
Into the hands of cruels
Unknown my love
To the soul of my own
I roamed aimless
In these plays of life

I hear, even now
Your whispers on life
The truth about this world
You spoke your heart out
In those days of our life
When we played and laughed
On the way to our studies
With all the friends from neighborhood
You are a child in my heart
Hidden you deep
In the chambers of my soul
Unknown to you ever
I still long for you
I still yearn for you
I still live for you
Until you come
I am unknown
To my own self
~ yathi.rajbabu gandham
Copyright©author rajbabug 23march2015 1933 2029

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