Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2015

WHO ELSE BUT YOU~by Rajendra Padhi




She is a secret pond in my heart’s garden
The late spring has endowed a lily
Blooming under a crescent moon,
The sky’s stars downward pointing
The music of silence unwavering my heart
Till I get crouched by darkness………..

The morning sun turns me a bee
Buzzing on her honeyed-lips
I become the mid –day wind
Quivering on her leafy-breast.

I become a bird to run and hop
With long refrains of abounding joys,
I know not the immeasurable depth
Leading me to deep in the pond
There is a snake I see
Granting me silence
Like the shaken lily of the morn
I turn motionless, still
like a dry leaf under the tree.

composed and Copyright – Rajendra k. padhi

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