Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 24, 2015

. “ first love “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ first love “

I knew well , you liked him a lot
Though you pretended not
He was young and wealthy
In riches money can buy
I could only lend my heart
In return I asked nothing and naught
I loved you for the heart you possess
The care you took, when I was in distress
I couldn’t say words you want
And pretend what I am not
By telling you lies about my life
Never wanted to chase you for love
I carried, my thoughts of love
Towards you, and only you, within me
I was dumb and shy
No riches to show, no money to spend
In silence I gazed you and dreamed
Because, you were the first

I loved you with my heart and soul
Though you never cared for riches in heart
I let you go and let you chase
The riches you sought
With the man you moved
With him you laughed and made merry
I watched you in silence
Though carried pain in my mute heart
I wanted you to be happy
For I loved you true to my being
Now after these long times
When I buried all my memories
You sprouted, as if from space
Unprepared I, froze in my time
Dumb I was, dead I am now
Seeing you, like a pulped fruit
My heart wailed
My soul cried
For the pains you went through
For the hurts you carried along

Can I hold you now
Can I care you now
Come to my arms
Care for my warmth
O ! my first love
~ yathi..rajbabu gandham
Copyright © author rajbabug 24march15 0044 0352


  1. Heart-touching! 🙂

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