Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 25, 2015

A request of my bestfriend Frank Katse Brennecke~by

This poem is dedicated to Mariam Wagner


A request of my bestfriend Frank Katse Brennecke

★¸.•*¨*♬ ♡★♬♫♪♡★¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

She love the cats so very much,

Called herself “the Crazy Cat Lady,”

Her soul had healed only by their touch.

She loved animals, they are like for her a baby.


Have heart for pets and knew their needs,

A heartless ones, they took away her “kids,”

Her heart beats for pets, that is not a wonder.

A life to save is a guardian angel over yonder.


She enjoyed her moment as an animal rights activist,

The world have changed with her honest contribution,

For the homeless animals, she is an alarmist.

Never hesitated and have had no doubt to find a solution.


The thought on her motto to “Protect the Weak”,

And she believes that she is a cat in humanform,

Tireles fighter, so unique when she speak.

A shelter for the poor creature especially when in storm.


Her name is Mariam Wagner,she´s beautiful and strong,

And had believes without her cats, her life is meaningless,

She had shown the way what is right and what is wrong.

This thank and honour from Frank, for her will be adress

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