Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 25, 2015

AVIAN ANGELS~by Saroj Padhi




As the avian angels swerve past me
In dawn’s twilight to shock me with delight
I suffer from a temporary fright ;
But alas ! The grains I scattered on my roof
Miss their loving , penetrating sight ;
For the flurry of their excited wings scatter
Pearls of misty blinding dreams
That overshadow the Earth
Making them revel as they fly
In thoughts of yester night
With its dizzy Romantic height–

On the smooth glade in the jungle
Where their great grand parents danced
With the sweet children of their nocturnal desires
In the halo of thin streaks of sun light
Streaming in thro’ dense foliage
Awaking the forest to the bliss of dawn’s
Elevating delight.

Look how hastily does the whitish Moon slowly alight
From the steep steps of the sky
To watch, and then dance away with clouds
Into a new sky strewn with petals of roses
Burning all bright !

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi 25/03/15

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