Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2015

“ unmask “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ unmask “

why you hide
behind your veil
but you seek
all you want, is truth
telling others’
to do this to do that
won’t make you right
peep in you, and find your truth
you be right
you be truthful
life will shower
drizzles of peace
may be you won’t become rich
in money and wealth, but
what you need, a bellyful meal
and a good night’s sleep
taking pills, going to temples
won’t pull you out, from the rut
you are struck, come out now
from the covers you are caged in
harming none, cheating none
loving all, smiling with life
and respecting all creatures
should be the quest, your soul hold

accept what you are
to your own self, first
see the games your mind plays
saying one, thinking other
is the death of your soul
living life of lies and sins
you dig your own miseries
in this life of yours
look into your inside
look into your inner world
this is only first step
for your own freedom
to know your world
to know your truth
is only a prelude
to understand, and glimpse
this wonderful universe
we all hold
wearing a veil of ignorance

unmask now
~ yathi..rajbabu gandham
copyright © author rajbabug 26march2015 0812 0824

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