Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 27, 2015

Whispering Winds~by Norman Wilson



Whispering Winds

Be still my love and listen to the winds
Whispering softly throughout the trees
Breathing a fresh melody of pure love
Only meant for you and I to hear and see

Blowing from the north caressing honeycombs
Filled with sweetness of buzzing, bumblebees
In a concerto with a chorus of melancholic songs
With ruffling and the shifting of the falling leaves

Amid the four seasons comes the altering foliage
Dabbed in multi orange, red and shining green
Left to glide in the twirls of a consuming breeze
Fashioning looks of a romantic mid-autumn scene

Steeples high within loves wondrous steps
Bedded inside the musical sounds of our time
Where Canterbury Bells go into bloom ringing
In concert beneath indigo skies tolling chimes

So walk with me on loves first feathered steps
Amongst the carefree leaves and flowering bells
As we stroll hand in hand under whispering winds
Casting both of us into love`s wondrous spell

Forevermore, hold my heart as we walk love`s steps
Within our flowering bells and scented pine trees
At what time my love, I shall whisper into the wind
Would you walk down the aisle and marry me

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