Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2015





Life is one believed in one
Your life is a gift be a gift for someone
Your time is precious be present for your near one’s
You are born to be happy
Be happy at least for yourself not for anyone

It gives immense pleasure
It’s in a real sense a real treasure
To be a helping hand when your time is in leisure
This is the biggest gift to humanity
Because it’s the deed which no one can measure

This life is a gift in many ways
Be grateful and thankful for it always
We are blessed with so many blessings in life
This happiness is in abundance and
This is real prosperity of your life

The blessings which is in abundance
Family who is there with us
Friends who cares for us
Our Loved ones who always stands for us
This is the real treasure which always inspired us

We are blessed with so many blessings
We are pleased with plenty of crazy things
We are due to what we have in our life
This is because I have found real pearls in my life

Today I am living this life anyways
Yesterday, today and tomorrow and always
The real purpose which I have got
Is for the relationships for which I am here for

No matter where we will be
No matter who will be there for me
There are some closed ones
With each one of us in our life
Who meant so much for us
That for them we can give up our life

Today I am so happy
Today I am so blessed
I have got that life savior with me
No matter what I am for them
And they are for me

Just live this life happily
You will get the best crazily
Just keep your hands on your heart
And move on thus believing in your destiny


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